Illumiseen’s YouTube Video Runs Away With More Than 37 Million Views


Illumiseen’s LED Belt, LED Dog Collar & Leash


Generating explosive buzz and momentum over the past month, LED safety products innovator Illumiseen’s YouTube video, “How to Prevent Running Shoe Blisters with a ‘Heel Lock’ or ‘Lace Lock’ recently crested 37 million views.


Published on April 16, the 1:56-minute video offers viewers tips on how to properly lace their running, walking or hiking shoes to maximize comfort and prevent painful blisters or shifting within the shoes.


After creating shoelace loops through the extra shoelace holes at the top of the shoes, wearers then insert the ends of the laces into the opposite loops. Pulling down, then up, on the laces establishes a firm “lace lock” and a tight shoe fit that maximizes reinforcement and support, while minimizing unnecessary wear and tear on feet, ankles, calves and shins.


We’re thrilled that so many people have already benefited from our ‘heel lock’ tip, and hope even more exercise enthusiasts watch our YouTube video,” said James Conway, spokesperson of Illumiseen, an innovator in LED-based products. “Not only does the ‘lace lock’ prevent toes from jamming into the front of the shoes, it also keeps feet tightly seated inside the shoes for a more comfortable wearing experience no matter what you’re doing.


The viral success of Illumiseen’s YouTube video underscores the company’s emphasis on safety, comfort and convenience for nighttime exercisers, as well as those whose job functions require them to be out when extra illumination is required. The following three popular products are available through the Amazon Marketplace.




Offering 360 degrees of visibility, this illuminating belt reflects oncoming light and emits a powerful beacon to maximize nighttime safety for walkers, runners, cyclists and motorcyclists. Available in green, red or blue, the belt is equally well-suited for construction workers, police officers and airport personnel who need enhanced visibility while performing their job functions. Users can change the light between “flash” and “glow” with one simple click, and the Micro USB rechargeable battery provides up to 36 hours of illumination per two-hour charge. The easy-to-use clips and adjustable elastic straps allow the belt to be worn comfortably by men, women or children around the waist, over the shoulder or around a backpack.




Providing equal comfort, convenience and safety for pets, the LED Dog Collar comes in six colors (red, blue, green, pink, orange and yellow) and four sizes (x-small, small, medium and large.) Clear and bright for dog’s optimal visibility, the collar is user-friendly and fully adjustable. The USB rechargeable battery offers more than 10 hours of illumination per one-hour charge.




Perfect to use with the matching LED Dog Collar, this illuminated leash makes pets more visible and safe while walking. Well-constructed and sturdily built, the belt features an easy-to-use metal clip and a light that can toggle between steady, rapid flashing or slow flashing modes with a simple click.


All three products can be ordered on .


To see Illumiseen’s YouTube Video, click here. For more information on the LED Reflective Belt, Dog Collar and/or Dog Leash, visit their website.


About Illumiseen


Based in Beaverton, Oregon, Illumiseen offers the best and brightest in LED safety technology. Among their products is an LED Reflective Belt designed for joggers, people walking, cyclists and other nighttime fitness enthusiasts, as well as those whose jobs require them to work in the dark or who need additional illumination. The pet-friendly company also offers an LED Dog Collar and matching LED Dog Leash.