Rock Hard Diamond Strikes a Chord With Hard Rockers, Creating Indestructible Guitar Picks

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) March 23, 2015

GENVAC Aerospace Incorporated has launched a crowd funding campaign introducing Rock Hard Diamond Guitar Picks, a line of diamond-enhanced guitar picks for serious shredders, guitar aficionados and everyone who understands the significance of serious ROCK.


The picks are scientifically crafted to get the most aggressive sound possible out of a guitar.


“The surface of these picks creates an immeasurably low amount of friction,” said Rock Hard inventor Gerald T. Mearini, Ph.D, president and founder of GENVAC AeroSpace. “Nothing is more stimulating than the crisp sound of metal on metal, and yet your strings will not wear due to a thin diamond-like material we commonly apply to the outside of super-sonic military aircraft – so, the hyper-smooth surface of the pick will glide on your strings no matter how hard you’re shredding!”


Mearini and his fellow scientists used their expertise in physics, chemistry and engineering, as well as their training from NASA, decades of experience in the aerospace industry and dive bars, to form the perfect harmony of music and science with Rock Hard Diamond.


They created two types of picks:


The pure diamond guitar pick, nothing but pure diamond approximately 0.5 mm thick, is grown from Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) in a laboratory. It takes approximately one month to grow a single pick, but it’s worth the wait. The result is a virtually indestructible pick that elicits a new dimension of unique sound.


The Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coated stainless steel guitar pick, a hardened stainless pick coated to create extreme durability and almost immeasurably low friction. This pick delivers an aggressively predatory sound and subtly generates new spectral harmonics, yet sells for only about twice the price of a shot of Jack.


For nearly two decades, GENVAC has produced state-of-the-art materials and components for the aerospace industry rooted in diamond technology. For example, DLC – which, like diamond, is a form of carbon – is used on airborne night vision windows to make them completely transparent to infrared images and also, virtually scratch proof, even on an F-18 fighter jet traveling faster than the speed of sound.


Applying this technology to make the perfect guitar pick was a natural fit for Mearini, a guitarist, music enthusiast and scientist.


“This project allowed me to combine my scientific expertise with my love for serious rock to create something really, really important,” he said. “This is an incredible Cleveland story since Cleveland invented laboratory diamond, diamond-like carbon, Rock-n-Roll AND the man of steel – Superman!”


To get their product to mass market faster, Rock Hard Diamond is inviting supporters and guitar enthusiasts to participate in their crowd funding campaign through Indiegogo:


Donations will also get you a sample of the new Rock Hard Diamond Guitar Picks:


$ 20-$ 49: One Diamond-Like Carbon coated guitar pick

$ 50-$ 249: Three DLC picks

$ 250-$ 9,999: 25 DLC picks

$ 10,000 or more will earn you a pure diamond guitar pick


For more information, please visit, follow Rock Hard on Twitter or like on Facebook. To speak with Dr. Mearini directly, or for more information, please contact Megan Confer at or 216.574.9533.


About GENVAC: GENVAC develops and manufactures a wide range of vacuum coatings for optical and research grade substrates. Its scientific expertise coupled with deep experience in surface physics and electro-optical coating technology enables the company to design, develop and produce challenging optical coatings that enable state-of-the-art customer vision systems, as well as, offering robust metallization for various industries.


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