Christian Dance Music Takes Off with Kat Krick’s New Single ‘Perfect Love’

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 03, 2015

Kat Krick is doing something revolutionary in the world of Christian music. She is combining dance beats and Christian lyrics to jumpstart a whole new music genre: Christian EDM (Electronic Dance Music). Her new single, “Perfect Love,” speaks about how God’s love trumps any trial of life.


Perfect Love made its debut on mainstream national radio on November 14 and has since aired on WPTY, WXJZ, WCPT and WMFQ/MC. All are Top 40/Dance stations and the song has received great responses.


Krick says a big part of what inspired her to make her music was MOSAIC, an energetic progressive church in LA made up of mostly twenty-somethings. When you walk into the church, you might mistake it for a concert venue, with a DJ playing EDM before the service starts and the young church-goers dancing along.


Krick says, “Dancing is indeed a form of worship, so why is there not music to facilitate that kind of worship? I asked myself that question, and shortly after, found my calling. It felt like pieces of a puzzle falling together. I always loved singing, dancing and performing but I never had a clear direction until now.”


Krick says she and others are tired of getting really into a song, singing along and dancing, only to then realize what the lyrics are truly saying.


“There’s so much pop and dance music out there that send negative messages. I’m making music that enhances the experience of a listener who loves God, one that is both catchy and positive. I hope ‘Perfect Love’ will be the first of many dance songs to give hope, celebrate love, and help express praise.”


Kat Krick just may be paving the way for artists in the genre of the coming age; music that faith-filled Millennials have been waiting for.


« Perfect Love » will be available on iTunes soon. In the meantime, check out Krick’s song, remixed by Mike Rizzo, here: Kat Krick – Perfect Love (Mike Rizzo Funk Generation Club Mix)

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