Transformational Festival Culture and Permaculture Action come together to share Permaculture Education with the masses

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) May 21, 2015

This year, Lightning in a Bottle is partnering with Permaculture Action to make the shift from sustainable to regenerative, by building an outdoor classroom at a local elementary school. The structure will be built from cob, which is a non-toxic, organic building material made from clay, straw, sand, and water. Lightning in a Bottle is a festival that celebrates Art, music, Performance, Sustainability and Life. Festival attendants and local community members can support by making adobe bricks, mixing cob, sculpting the structure, and embedding stones as a decorative base. Volunteers can be of support from 9am – 3pm on Thursday May 21st at San Antonio Elementary School, where the Permaculture Action Network’s natural building team will be serving wood-fired cob oven pizzas for contributors (even gluten-free!).


The Outdoor Sustainability Classroom will consist of a circular cob bench, a natural slate chalkboard, and a shaded arbor. The classroom will provide a permanent space for teachers from the 1st-through-8th grade school to teach about ecology and gardening, bring nature connection into their lessons, and find solace in the shade from Lockwood’s 100 degree heat.


Miguel Elliott, a.k.a. Sir Cobalot of Living Earth Structures, will be facilitating the design and build of the cob bench classroom, as well as plastering and waterproofing the structure. Architect, natural builder, and inventor Ray Cirino will be sculpting a metal arbor for the classroom that bases itself on the pattern of an acorn top to shed water and provide shade.


Erik Hjermstad, innovator of San Diego’s natural building festival Cob Fest, is weaving together the design of the earthen classroom and Ryan Rising, core organizer of The Polish Ambassador’s Permaculture Action Tour, is connecting the builders, designers, school, and festival to take direct action to build the outdoor classroom. “Through the permaculture principles of earth care, people care, and fair share, we’re taking a deep dive to explore the design and creation of healthy, human habitats and an ecologically-integrated future,” states Permaculture Action Organizer Ryan Rising. Stay updated on the event on Facebook:


From September 12-16, Symbiosis Gathering will be hosting its Elemental Alchemy Permaculture Immersive. The 5-day Permaculture Intensive Course will feature topics such as permaculture principles, basics, advances on methods and techniques, community building, and ancestral arts as well as hands-on natural building activities such as firemaking, horno cob ovens, mapping and design, hosted by an all-star cast of inspiring teachers and guest speakers. Located in Northern California, the Symbiosis organization and festival was founded on strong principles of environmental consciousness and ecological sustainability, highlighted through the implementation of both time-tested and innovative eco-action initiatives.


These eco-conscious, permaculture events were also recently featured as part of Southern California’s Lucidity Festival, which hosted its successful 3-Day Permaculture Action Course in April. The event featured practical permaculture education and community building intensive, followed by a Community Action Day that was hosted by performance artist and social eco­preneur, The Polish Ambassador.


The artist’s successful “Pushing Through the Pavement” Permaculture Action Tour has been instrumental in inspiring the sharing of permaculture knowledge, as well as the action to implement it everywhere. The nationwide tour converged live music, local organizations, permaculture groups, sustainability educators, and gardeners, and covered over 9,000 miles to 33 cities and 19 states, from San Francisco to New York City. In that time, tour videographer Zac Fabian documented the entire 6 weeks on video, including over 40 interviews with permaculture designers, educators, and practitioners in some of the most sophisticated sites in the country. After a second successful crowdfunding campaign, the Permaculture Action Tour film is currently in production; which will reveal footage of the first Permaculture Action Tour across the country, and highlight their commitment to using their voices for social change and inspiring thousands.


Transformational Festival culture is united in bringing Permaculture–the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient–to promote caring and prosperity of the planet and its inhabitants.


About Permaculture:

Permaculture is the practice of living in a balanced way on the earth; of designing relationships of mutual support between people and the ecosystems we inhabit. Through designing based on the principles nature teaches us, we can meet humans’ basic needs of healthy food, clean water, shelter, energy, and community in a way that not only “sustains” but actively regenerates biodiversity and natural resources.


About Permaculture Action:

The Permaculture Action Network birthed from The Polish Ambassador’s Fall of 2014 “Pushing Through the Pavement” Tour. The network of organizers, designers, and practitioners put on Permaculture Action Days that welcome the festival, music, and art communities to engage in direct action to create a world based on the principles of natural ecological systems. The Permaculture Action Network also organizes spaces within events and stand-alone educational courses focused on regenerative ecological design and social change.


About Lightning in a Bottle:

Located in Northern California, Lightning in a Bottle is a festival that celebrates Art, Music, Performance, Sustainability and Life. Its green workshops and speakers are focused on inspiring empowered action through hands-on projects and thought provoking talks that teach tools to become healthier and create a more sustainable world, while connecting deeply with nature and the community around us.


About Keyframe-Entertainment:

Keyframe-Entertainment is a media network that creates global positive change by inspiring, informing, and entertaining through Transformational films, Visionary Art, and Electronic Music. Keyframe produces, finances, and distributes cutting edge projects in order to generate growth for its partners and strengthen community-building worldwide. Keyframe was launched in 2004 as a music label and artist management company and has since expanded its scope to offer Marketing, Social Media strategy, and PR services to DJs, festivals, and EDM companies. Keyframe is a partner of Lucidity, sponsor of the “Pushing Through the Pavement” tour and Associate Producer of the Permaculture Action Tour film.


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