Widget Setup Page

Thank you for your interest in widgets from glittertools.com. In this page you can check your widget, configure it and create embed codes that allow you to paste the widget into your websites. Below are a few steps you need to check to make sure your widget will function correctly.

Play with the settings and view the results in the preview of the widget below!

Setting 1:

Do you want to use our embed code system or your own?
If you turn off our embed code system it will hide our "share this widget" button thats below the widget and you can setup your own embed codes on sites like gigya and clearspring etc etc. If you turn the "share this widget" system on it will create a share button below the widget that enables users to copy the embed code linking to the widget and thus enabeling to post the widget to their sites.

YES i want the "Share this widget" button below the widget.
NO i DONT want the "Share this widget" button below the widget.

Setting 2:

Setup your HTML backlink (only active in purchased versions)
The backlink is the link that is below the widget. This is where you want to target your main keyword to improve your search engine rankings for that term. This only works in purchased widgets!
e.g. http://www.yourdomain.com
e.g. My Target Keyword